How to Overcome Video Game Addiction

When you hear the word “addiction,” the first thing that pops into your head is probably drugs or alcohol. Gambling or sex addictions might also register as types of negative habits. Or perhaps even the digital obsession many have with their devices. But video game addiction? Is there really such a thing?

Is It Really an Addiction?

Most people would agree that video game binges or all-night marathons aren’t beneficial to your health, either physically or mentally. But is there a time limit that should be observed by gamers? Is there a way to know for sure when video game playing becomes excessive…or even addictive?

The World Health Organization recently evaluated the harmful effects of spending too much time playing video games. Based on scientific evidence, the WHO has classified “gaming disorder” as a serious addiction. However, the agency claims that the condition only affects 3% of gamers. Although the American Psychiatric Association hasn’t labeled excessive gaming as a mental health condition, the organization does admit that the disorder warrants further clinical research.

Addiction Begins in the Brain

The brain is the supercomputer that runs everything in your life. It plays a central role in your vulnerability to addiction and your ability to recover and maintain sobriety. Understanding the brain’s role in addiction, prevention, and treatment is the key to helping people break free from their addictions. Until then, they will continue to fuel their addictions with daily habits and actions that pollute the brain and make it even harder for them to break free from those addictions.

Overloaded work schedules, not getting enough sleep, and living with strained relationships all can lower brain function, and make it more difficult to fight addiction. Eating a fast food diet, guzzling sugary sodas, and gobbling unhealthy snacks deprives the brain of proper nutrients, which decreases your ability to think clearly and make good decisions. Isolating yourself from family and friends to hide your addiction also has a negative effect on your brain that can further intensify your addictive behaviors.

The Brain’s Reward System

Your motivation to either commit or quit harmful acts is tied to the biological makeup of your brain and your brain’s reward system. This system is an intricate network of neurotransmitters that are critical to human survival. Your self-control circuit is comprised of: 1. the brain systems that drive you to seek out things that bring you pleasure and, 2. the prefrontal cortex (PFC), which applies the brakes when you’re about to engage in risky behavior.

In the addicted brain, the underactive PFC can create an imbalance in the reward system and cause you to lose control over your behavior. When this happens, you’re more likely to fall victim to your cravings. Having low activity in the PFC often results in impulse control problems and poor internal supervision.

ADHD and Video Game Addiction

Many individuals with ADHD, who can barely spend ten minutes doing mundane tasks such as paying bills or preparing their taxes, can easily lose themselves for hours on end playing video games. The stimulation, novelty, and excitement grabs and maintains their interest. Without these stimuli, they can be apathetic, fatigued, or spacey.

A recent study found that gamers with ADHD symptoms may be at a greater risk for developing video game addiction. Up to 23 percent of people who play video games report symptoms of addictive behavior.

If you know someone who can’t put down the controller, here are some practical strategies that can help them overcome Video Game Brain:

Healthy Pleasure Centers

Deep inside the brain, your pleasure centers respond to several neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine. When dopamine is depleted, depression and low motivation are much more likely to occur – it can be harder to find your sense of joy and lift yourself out of a funk. Boost dopamine naturally by engaging in meaningful and pleasurable activities on a regular basis. Do work that you love, get consistent exercise and take time to have fun with your loved ones.

Boost Your PFC

The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is responsible for helping you be goal-oriented, socially responsible, and productive in every area of your life. Decreased activity in the PFC has been associated with lack of forethought and poor judgment. Exercising self-control is one of the best ways to strengthen your PFC. To develop your PFC, you can practice saying no to the things that aren’t good for you and, over time, you’ll find it easier to do the right thing. Also, supplements, green tea, and Rhodiola can increase blood flow to the PFC which can help you make better decisions.

“Then What?”

Addictions are made worse when we literally “wear out” the brain’s pleasure centers from constant exposure to highly stimulating activities, such as drugs, video games, and internet pornography. Take inventory of the adrenaline-producing habits in your life. Eliminate unhealthy ones and take breaks from activities (even good ones) that are becoming compulsive. When fighting an addiction, always keep these two words in mind: “Then what?” Whenever you think about doing or saying something that may have a negative impact on your life, consider the consequences of your behavior. This question can serve as a stop sign to impulses that are about to take you down the wrong path.

Brain dysfunction is the #1 reason why people fall victim to addiction. If a loved one is struggling with any form of addiction, our method of integrative psychiatric support can help. Our Full Evaluation of your biological/psychological/social/spiritual history, coupled with two brain SPECT imaging scans (in concentrating and resting states), cognitive testing, and clinical assessment is designed to address unique needs and offer targeted treatment options.

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Herbal treatment for anxiety: Is it effective?

Is there an effective herbal treatment for anxiety?

Several herbal remedies have been studied as a treatment for anxiety, but more research is needed to understand the risks and benefits. Here’s what we know — and don’t know: 5656


Kava. Kava appeared to be a promising treatment for anxiety, but reports of serious liver damage — even with short-term use — caused the Food and Drug Administration to issue warnings about the use of dietary supplements containing kava. While these initial reports of liver toxicity have been questioned, use extra caution and involve your doctor in the decision if you’re considering using products containing kava


Passion flower. A few small clinical 456 suggest that passion flower might help with anxiety. In many commercial products, passion flower is combined with other herbs, making it difficult to distinguish the unique qualities of each herb. Passion flower is generally considered safe when taken as directed, but some studies found it can cause drowsiness, dizziness and confusion.


Valerian. In some 254, people who used valerian reported less anxiety and stress. In other studies, people reported no benefit. Valerian is generally considered safe at recommended doses, but since long-term safety trials are lacking, don’t take it for more than a few weeks at a time, unless your doctor approves. It can cause some side effects such as headaches, dizziness and drowsiness.


Chamomile. Limited 1254 shows that short-term use of chamomile is generally considered safe and can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety. But chamomile can increase the risk of bleeding when used with blood-thinning drugs. Use of chamomile can cause allergic reactions in some people who are sensitive to the family of plants that includes chamomile. Other members of this family are ragweed, marigolds, daisies and chrysanthemums.

Lavender. Some evidence suggests that oral lavender or aromatherapy with lavender can reduce anxiety; however, evidence is preliminary and limited. Oral lavender can cause constipation and headaches. It can also increase appetite, increase the sedative effect of other medications and supplements, and cause low blood pressure.

Lemon balm. Preliminary 23235research shows lemon balm can reduce some symptoms of anxiety, such as nervousness and excitability. Lemon balm is generally well-tolerated and considered safe for short-term use, but can cause nausea and abdominal pain.

Herbal supplements aren’t monitored by the FDA the same way medications are. Despite enhanced quality control regulations in place since 2010, the quality of some supplements may still be an issue. Remember, natural doesn’t always mean safe.

If you’re considering taking any herbal supplement as a treatment for anxiety, talk to your doctor first, especially if you take other medications. The interaction of some herbal supplements and certain medications can cause serious side effects.

Some herbal supplements taken for anxiety can cause you to feel sleepy, so they may not be safe to take when driving or doing dangerous tasks. Your doctor can help you understand possible risks and benefits if you choose to try an herbal supplement.

If your anxiety is interfering with daily activities, talk with your doctor. More-serious forms of anxiety generally need medical treatment or psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for symptoms to improve.



Alprazolam, typically called Xanax is a benzodiazepine, utilized as an anti-anxiety medication recommended to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Xanax is offered in generic kind. Typical negative effects of Xanax consist

  • Exhaustion,
  • sleepiness,
  • sleep issues (insomnia),
  • lightheadedness
  • poor balance or coordination,
  • memory issues,
  • problem focusing,
  • slurred speech,
  • diarrhea,
  • irritability,
  • increased sweating
  • irregularity,
  • nausea,
  • Headache,
  • upset stomach,
  • throwing up,
  • cravings or weight modifications,
  • blurred vision,
  • muscle weakness,
  • swelling in your hands or feet,
  • stuffy nose,
  • dry mouth,
  • loss of interest in sex.


Treatment for clients with stress and anxiety should be initiated with a dosage of 0.25 to 0.5 mg Xanax given three times daily. Treatment of lots of panic disorders in patients has needed making use of Xanax at doses greater than 4 mg daily. Xanax may engage with alcohol, other medications that make you sleepy (such as cold or allergy medication, other sedatives, narcotic discomfort medicine, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, and medicine for seizures, depression, or stress and anxiety), contraceptive pill, cimetidine, cyclosporine, dexamethasone, ergotamine, imatinib, isoniazid, St. John’s wort, antibiotics, antifungals, antidepressants, barbiturates, heart or high blood pressure medications, HIV/AIDSmedicines, seizure medications. Tell your physician all medications and supplements you use. Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, can cause fetal irregularities and ought to not be utilized in pregnancy or in nursing moms. Xanax is excreted in human milk and can affect nursing babies. Breastfeeding while taking Xanax is not advised.

Our Xanax Side Impacts Drug Center provides a detailed view of offered drug info on the potential side effects when taking this medication.

Xanax Customer Information

Get emergency medical help if you have indications of an allergic reaction: hives; challenging breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Call your doctor simultaneously if you have:

  • racing ideas, increased energy, unusual risk-taking behavior,
  • depressed mood, ideas of suicide or injuring yourself,
  • uncontrolled muscle movements, tremor, seizure (convulsions),
  • confusion, agitation, hostility, hallucinations,
  • pounding heart beats or fluttering in your chest.

Common adverse effects might include:

  • drowsiness, feeling tired,
  • slurred speech, lack of balance or coordination,
  • memory issues,
  • feeling anxious early in the morning.

Side Effects of Xanax

  • Adverse effects to XANAX Tablets, if they occur, are typically observed at the start of therapy and generally disappear upon continued medication. In the usual client, the most frequent negative effects are most likely to be an extension of the pharmacological activity of alprazolam, eg, sleepiness or lightheadedness.
  • The data cited in the two tables below are estimates of unfortunate medical occasion occurrence amongst patients who participated under the following scientific conditions: relatively short duration (ie, four weeks) placebo-controlled medical research studies with dosages approximately 4 mg/day of XANAX (for the management of anxiety conditions or for the short-term relief of the signs of anxiety) and short-term (as much as ten weeks) placebo-controlled medical studies with dosages as much as 10 mg/day of XANAX in patients with panic disorder, with or without
  • This information cannot be utilized to predict exactly the incidence of unfortunate events in the course of normal medical practice where patient attributes, and other elements often differ from those in medical trials. These figures can not be compared with those acquired from other clinical research studies involving related drug products and placebo as each group of drug trials are conducted under a various set of conditions.
  • In addition to the reasonably common (i.e., greater than 1%) unfortunate occasions specified in the table above, the following adverse occasions have actually been reported in association with making use of benzodiazepines: dystonia, irritability, concentration troubles, anorexia, short-term amnesia or memory disability, loss of coordination, tiredness, seizures, sedation, slurred speech, jaundice, musculoskeletal weakness, pruritus, diplopia, dysarthria, modifications in sex drive, menstrual irregularities, incontinence and urinary retention.

Xanax Method to Operate in Brain

Anxiety Conditions

Initially, Xanax is frequently prescribed to patients as a treatment for a range of stress and anxiety disorders. Stress and anxiety can be a typical action to stress, and it can assist us be aware of possible threat, but with a stress and anxiety condition, the individual feels excessive anxiety or a prevalent sense of worry. Anxiety disorders are among the most typical mental disorders among grownups, and they are treatable by drugs like Xanax, as well as more long-term drug options, and with therapy. Some of the most common specific stress and anxiety conditions consist of a specific phobia, social anxiety condition, and panic disorder.

Likewise, typical are agoraphobia and generalized stress and anxiety disorder. For somebody to be identified with a scientific stress and anxiety condition, fear or anxiety would exist that would be out proportion to the actual circumstance at hand, or it could restrict the individual from operating normally. During medical diagnosis, a physician will make certain no physical issue is adding to the stress and anxiety, and after that offer various options. The two main choices, as mentioned, are medications and something called talk therapy. The most commonly-prescribed medications are anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication intended for short-term relief of acute symptoms. It’s not a medication created to treat stress and anxiety, however instead, supply a reprieve from the symptoms individuals experience as a result. Understanding panic disorders and stress and anxiety can assist you develop a structure to then understand how Xanax works in the brain.

How does Xanax Effect Brain?

How Xanax operates in the brain is largely based on the fact that it’s meant as a short-term medication for serious anxiety. It’s indicated to be taken only for a duration of 2 to four weeks. The active ingredient in Xanax is alprazolam, which becomes part of a class of medications called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines act upon GABA brain receptors. Xanax operates in the brain by causing the release of the GABA neurotransmitter.

A neurotransmitter is a naturally-occurring chemical found in the brain and main nervous system afferent neuron, and they relay messages. GABA is specifically a neurotransmitter that acts to soothe the activity of nerves. When your nerves are shooting in overdrive, this is exactly what contributes to the feelings of anxiety or panic you might experience. Along with keeping you feeling relaxed, GABA also plays a role in how exhausted you feel, and how unwinder your muscles are. All these concerns comprehending how Xanax operates in the brain. When you take Xanax, it increases your brain’s GABA activity and develops a feeling of calm. Anxiety is lowered, but you might likewise feel like your muscles are more unwinder, and you may feel sleepy. Some doctors explain Xanax as working rather like a set of brakes. When a car is propelling down a hill rapidly, the Xanax can be like the brakes of that cars and truck. With that being said, when you take Xanax it affects how your brain naturally produces GABA.


When you do not have enough GABA before taking Xanax, utilizing the drug can really make that problem worse. With the existence of Xanax in the brain your body will think it can reduce its production of GABA. You’ll start making less naturally than you did before, and the Xanax you take likewise will not work along with it did initially. To sum up how Xanax deals with the brain, it eventually decreases brain activity. If you don’t experience scientific anxiety or panic attack, the use of Xanax can work in the brain differently. When you take Xanax, and you don’t have severe anxiety, you will frequently experience exactly what’s referred to as a high consisting of ecstasy and deep relaxation. When you take Xanax without needing it for a clinical reason, it can rapidly become addictive as a result. Understanding how Xanax works in the brain is an important element of comprehending whether or not you ought to take the drug, as well as how the capacity for abuse and dependence starts.

Buy Adderall Online For My Child

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